Welcome to Jesse Young for Congress

Jesse’s life experience is very different from that of the typical candidate. He grew up impoverished, and truly realized the American Dream through hard work and lots of effort. His experience in business and technology, as opposed to the political or legal arenas, allows him to bring a uniquely qualified and much needed perspective to the problems facing our nation today.

Jesse has a vision for Washington’s 6th District – it can and should be the preeminent district in the country. The diversity of its people combined with the resources available – ports, farms, navy installations, coast-line, mountains and natural areas – make the area both a great place to live and a wonderful place for business to succeed. Being on the west coast of America, the 6th District is ideally suited to be a leader in the emerging Pacific Rim economy.

Jesse Young has the experience and vision to lead the 6th District to reach its full potential. As a business man he has developed strategic and decision-making skills which he will leverage in promoting the interests of the District. He will also engage the constituents of the 6th District, making them part of the solution – he will ask them to hold him accountable as their Representative and to become grass roots activists in promoting sound fiscal and social policy.

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