Jesse Young Attends the Allyn Memorial Day Celebration

May 29, 2012

On Memorial Day, 2012 Jesse Young attended the 13th annual “A Time for Remembering” ceremonies conducted by the  Allyn Community Association, North Mason Chamber of Commerce, and the Port of Allyn at Allyn Waterfront Park.  At noon approximately 50 Veterans participated in the flag raising ceremony, and a Marine contingent from Bangor offered a 21-gun salute to fallen comrades in arms.  The Mason County Fire Department and the local Knights of Columbus were also on hand.

“It was a moving experience,” Young said.  “Not only was it a recognition of those who have died while defending our great country, but it was also a tribute to our Veterans.  The sense of community was strong among the great folks of Allyn and surrounding areas who came out today.”

Over 200 people enjoyed the festivities including the music of the local band, The Windjammers, led by Stan Yantis.  The day was capped off with the placement of a memorial wreath.

Jesse was honored to speak with a number of Veterans about their wartime experiences and the challenges they currently face.  Jesse has a strong desire to leverage his technical background to advocate for better transitional services for our men and women returning to the private sector. 

“The discipline, work ethic, and skill sets possessed by our military men and women uniquely position them to be private sector leaders in the decades to come.  We should foster ways to unleash their potential rather than leaving them to fend for themselves.  The character and courage they demonstrate daily in our Armed Forces will only add to our global competitive advantage in business.  As a Congressman,” Young said, “I will leverage my global corporate experience to build this bridge to honor our true public servants.” 

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