Notre Dame Grad, Jesse Young, Candidate for Congress – Washington State’s 6th District


Jesse at Notre DameMy family and I have embarked on a major endeavor and as a fellow graduate of Notre Dame, I am asking for your support of my campaign by donating HERE.  Thus far my campaign has earned all the major Republican endorsements, and we have built a strong grassroots team in all six counties in the district.  But, I could use your help to keep our momentum going!

Growing up impoverished in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington I could only dream that I’d be able to go to a school such as Notre Dame.  Watching my mother’s hard work and determination to do the best for her sons taught me that if I did the same, maybe I’d be able to go to college after all. 

Graduating as Valedictorian of my high school class and being named a Washington State Scholar by my state's legislature gave me the opportunity to accomplish that goal and allowed me to become part of the “Fighting Irish” family as well.  I headed off to South Bend full of anticipation, and as captain of my high school's football and track teams, I even entertained hopes of joining the famed Notre Dame football team.  The local newspaper and friends even called me “Rudy” after the famed movie hero.   

As it turned out, I walked-on and earned a spot on the Track & Field team instead, pole vaulting for the Irish for three years – what a thrill to reach those heights!  While at Notre Dame I worked as a dishwasher, student manager, and everything in-between at South Dining Hall to pay for my education.  Believe it or not, I also found time to marry my high school sweetheart between my junior and senior years.  My amazing bride Jennie worked as a travel agent at Anthony Travel on campus during my senior year to help me complete my education.  After four amazing years, I graduated in 1999 from the College of Business Administration with a degree in Management Information Systems.

Lessons learned in early life and the education I received at Notre Dame provided me with a great foundation upon which to build a successful career as a technology consultant in a variety of industries – aerospace, health care, finance, insurance and real estate.  Having consulted both nationally and globally, I've spent time with all levels of corporate leadership, gaining invaluable perspectives into these industries and their impacts on our economy.

I believe my business and technology experience make me ideally suited to represent the citizens of Washington’s 6th Congressional District.  I know about the jobs of the 21st Century and how to re-invigorate the economy in our District through free market principles.  That’s why I’m running for Congress, and am asking for your help with a DONATION today.

On a personal note, I'm proud to share that my wife and I now have five children and live in Gig Harbor, Washington.  We've birthed four and adopted one awesome little son from Ethiopia.  I mention them because they genuinely serve as a source of motivation for me. 

While under my provision, they will never know the pain of being hungry and without food.  They will never know the stress of wondering where they'll go to sleep at night.  I can meet those needs; however, what concerns me very deeply is would they be able to rise up from a situation similar to what I experienced just 30 years ago and live the American Dream? 

I'm not convinced that opportunity is still available, and that’s why I’m running for Congress.  I want to bring real leadership and the right kind of experience to make positive changes in government so that my children, your children, and our grandchildren still have the opportunities America has always offered us.

Go Irish

Support a fellow Domer fighting to make a future for our next generationWhatever you can give, $50, $100, $500 or $1,000, will be very much appreciated!



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