Grays Harbor County Republican Party

Washington Farm Bureau Endorses Jesse Young for Congress

Jim McEntire and Jesse Young

Jesse Young and James Watkins

Jesse Young and Shelton Mayor Gary Cronce

Jesse Young and Doug Richards

Drew MacEwen and Jesse Young

Kim Wyman and Jesse Young

Joe Fuiten and Jesse Young

Bill Pickell and Jesse Young

Jesse Young Achieves "On the Radar" status with NRCC

"We are looking forward to working with Jesse Young, who has already proven himself by meeting rigorous benchmarks in the 'Young Guns' program that will position his campaign for victory." Read more...

Grays Harbor Republican Party Endorses Jesse Young - 10.5.11
Hoquiam, WA - The Grays Harbor Republican Party voted to endorse Jesse Young for Congress at its Central Committee Meeting on October 4. The vote was unanimous. Young is running in the Sixth District against 34-year incumbent Norm Dicks. Read more...

Washington Farm Bureau Endorses Jesse Young

“Jesse is a true friend of the entrepreneur and small business. Our farmers and ranchers need representatives in DC who know how business works and how government policies can impact them. Jesse understands the needs of the 6th District and will represent us well in Congress.” Read more...

Jim McEntire
Clallam County Commissioner

"Jesse is a serious, determined, experienced candidate who is well prepared to represent 6th District citizens in Washington, DC; bringing a sorely-needed, common-sense approach."

James Watkins
Candidate for State Auditor and 2010 candidate for Congress from the 1st District

Gary Cronce
Shelton Mayor

"As Mayor of Shelton, WA I support Jesse because he is honest and speaks from his heart."

Doug Richards
Candidate for Washington State Rep, 26th District, Position 2

Drew MacEwen
Candidate for Washington State Rep, 35th District, position 2

Kim Wyman - Thurston County Auditor
Candidate for Secretary of State


Joe Fuiten
Cedar Park Assembly of God & creator of Pastor's Picks website


Dr. Art Coday
Candidate for US Senate

Bill Pickell
Working Wild Olympics

Rick Winsman
Candidate for State Senate, 19th Legislative District.

Wesley Cormier

Candidate for Grays Harbor County Commissioner
"Jesse is a great candidate ready for the job."

Terry Harder
Candidate for State Rep, 29th District, position 1

Jennie Stephenson
Board of Directors, National Right to Work Committee and boards of the Lakewood Republican Women and 28th District Republican Club

"Jesse Young offers a strong private sector resume and conservative principles to voters in the 6th congressional district. He is a personable, persistent and effective problem solver and would serve constituents well in Washington, DC."

Chris Tibbs
2011 Candidate for Kitsap County Commissioner 1st District

"Jesse has lived the grit, courage and sober determination that built this country; Jesse’s story is our story; Jesse has lived the American Dream, and Jesse will make sure that the opportunities that he was able to seize to better himself are there for future generations."

My dear friends,

Our country was built and made great by individuals with the courage to stand for their beliefs, to stand what is right. These folks took responsibility for themselves and tackled challenges head on with grit, gusto and courage. Brave men and women set forth into hostile terrain and carved out an existence with nothing more than the sweat on their brows, the blood in their veins, the intrepidity of their courage and a determination to make something for themselves and their families, to secure for their decedents a promising future and an better life.

This country is in desperate need of sober leadership; in desperate need of brave men and women to step up, take the torch and lead by example; in desperate need of serious courage, serious conviction and serious commitment, and of people to live these qualities in their daily lives and govern by them for the mutual benefit of all Americans.

We of Washington’s 6th Congressional District have a choice to make this fall. I urge you to join with me supporting a young Republican, a man born in to abject poverty who picked himself up by his bootstraps, worked hard through Tacoma Public Schools earning himself a scholarship to Notre Dame University, worked hard in college earning himself a successful career and providing for his family.

The choice is clear: we cannot continue with the same failed policies pushed by the same washed up has-beens for their exclusive benefit and to our mutual detriment. Jesse Young has fought through life to better himself and provide for his family; Jesse has lived the grit, courage and sober determination that built this country; Jesse’s story is our story; Jesse has lived the American Dream, and Jesse will make sure that the opportunities that he was able to seize to better himself are there for future generations.

We need, in all levels of government, serious, sober, talented and wise individuals experienced in making tough decisions and following through to the finish. We cannot afford to reelect the old guard; it’s time for a fresh start. Please join me in supporting Jesse Young for US Congress.

Chris Tibbs

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William L. (Bill) Benedict (CDR, USN, Ret.)
Clallam County Sheriff

Chuck Slowe
Online Blogger

"Jesse Young has the ground game, the vision and the support to win the 6th District for the Republicans!" Read endorsement... | Read endorsement follow up...

Jon Higley
Pierce County Planning Commissioner - 2nd District and District Leader, Pierce County Republican Party, Legislative 27th District

Larry Carter
Candidate for State Senate, 24th Legislative District.

Dixie Kolditz
Candidate for State Rep, 19th Legislative District, Position 1

Marcus Carter
President Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club

Steve Cook
Candidate for State Rep, 27th Legislative District


Constituent Endorsements

Jon R. Anderson - Forks
Penny & Rex Berenking - Sequim
Patrica Bray - Port Angeles
Lynn R. Burch - Port Angeles
J. Marvin Chastain - Port Angeles
Bob & Sue Forde - Sequim
Thomas LaRosa - Port Angeles
Helga McGhee - Sequim
E. J. & Alice A. McKeever - Sequim
Lois & Dan Perry - Sequim
John W. & Lynda L. Rathmann - Sequim
Jerald Sinn - Sequim
Patricia Tenhulzen - Sequim
Mike &  Lana Wiley - Port Angeles

Grays Harbor
Aredean A. Anvik - Elma
Devin Backholm - Aberdeen Sandra Blair
Ray Brown - Westport
Harold B. & Marilyn J. Brunstad - Montesano
Cathy E. Colley - McCleary
Frank Dickson - Elma
Andrew Fremstad
Mark L. George - Oakville
Craig C. Green - Satsop
Ronald Johnson - Montesano
Linda & William K. Kaffenberger - Ocean Shores
Kristine and Chris Lowder, J.D., USMCR - Hoquiam
Keith Olson - Quinault
Debra Perry - Quinault
Barbara J. Peterson - Montesano
S. Fred Rapp - Elma
David B.  Rive- Montesano
Dawn Rose - Hoquiam
Diane Schneider
Michael Schroeder - Hoquiam
Robert Sevey - Cosmopolis
Linda Sherton - Aberdeen
John M. Straka - Hoquiam
Jill Warne - Elma

Judy Atkinson - Port Townsend
Wilma Caulkins - Nordland
Karen Farr - Port Townsend
Col. David S. & France Francesca - Port Hadlock
Billie Fitch - Nordland
Ila Gluhm - Port Ludlow
Steven Gross - Port Ludlow
Roger A. Loney - Port Townsend
Virginia Macher - Port Townsend
Carla McClosky - Port Ludlow
Steve & Cherly  Petrick - Brinnon
Liliane Rains - Port Townsend
Daniel E. Reandeau - Port Townsend
Roger Short - Chimacum
Peggy Staley - Port Townsend
Gerane (Gerry) White - Port Townsend
Kimberly Wright - Port Ludlow

Joyce Barry - Silverdale
Elsie G. Bautista - Tracyton
Sherri & Patrick Burch - Silverdale
Abby Burlingame - Bremerton
Doris & James Carender - Bremerton
Norma Card - Bremerton
Marie Choma - Bremerton
Lee Anita Coleman - Poulsbo
Jack R. & Patricia Crosby - Bremerton
Randi Evans - Bainbridge Island
Bill Gilmore - Bremerton
Dixie Hansen - Bremerton
Gary Haugen - Bremerton
Janice Hendrick - Olalla
Brad Hoffman - Bremerton
Dave & Faye Henden - Poulsbo
Christine M. Hixson - Bremerton
Ray Kummerow
Frances McCrea - Bainbridge Island
Sam Nichols, MD - Bainbridge Island
Ruthann K. Rossiter - Bremerton
Wesley M. & Jeanette L. Steinbrink - Bremerton
Dr. William & Mrs. Janet Stump - Poulsbo
Mary G. & DW Taylor, USN, Retired - Seabeck
Mariann Tonden - Poulsbo
Ed Waterman - Kingston
"Jesse is our one and only choice. Vote for honesty, integrity and fiscal sanity."
Rebecca Weinbaum - Bainbridge Island

Carol A. & William E. Bush - Shelton
Walt & Patti Chapman - Shelton
Wendy Ervin - Shelton
GH & WA Foster - Shelton
Debra R. Freund - Belfair
Diane Good - Shelton
Kathleen & John Johnson - Hoodsport
"Jesse Young is a man of good values and integrity who will bring not only the desire, but the ability to solve problems to Congress." Dorothy J. Kroum - Shelton
Glen Lautt - Shelton
Donna Mann - Shelton
Patty McFarlane - Allyn
Robert O'Connor - Shelton
Bill Ross - Grapeview
Howard Spear - Shelton
Brenda & Dan Stainbrook - Shelton
Bob & Lisa Thiessen - Shelton
William F. & Kathleen M. Truax - Shelton
Bernie & Jan Walton - Shelton
Melvin Welfringer - Shelton
Bill Wells - Shelton

Mike Abernathy - Gig Harbor
Laura Bethke - Gig Harbor
Bea Christopherson - Tacoma
Edward B. Caudill - Gig Harbor
B. James & Marjorie Doerksen - Gig Harbor
Arthur & Carmon Fenton - Gig Harbor
Rob Firman - Lakewood
Bob & Andra Gannett - Tacoma
Tineke Geringer - Gig Harbor
JuDian Guimbellot - Gig Harbor
Ronnie Halbert - Fircrest
Seth & Nancy Halbert - Tacoma
Darren & Meridith Hatch - Gig Harbor
Bobbie Higgins - Gig Harbor
Marlyn Jensen - Gig Harbor
William F. & Diana Landahl - Gig Harbor
"We need Jesse's intelligence and integrity in Congress."
George & Lucy L. Lark - Tacoma
Richard S. Meyer - Gig Harbor
Randa & Bruce Money - Gig Harbor
Jean-Marie Munday - Gig Harbor
Terry A. Nettles - Gig Harbor
Richard Samuelson - Gig Harbor
Dean Simmons - Fircrest
Ben & Malia Thomsen - University Place Linda K. Tillett - Tacoma

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Jesse Young is proud to endorse these 2012 candidates:


Doug Richards
For 26th District Representative, Position 2

Drew MacEwen
For 35th District Representative, Position 2

Dan Griffey
For 35th District Representative, Position 1

Paul Wagemann
For 28th District Representative, Position 2

Terry Harder
For 29th District Representative, Position 1








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