The majority of us are Americans because our ancestors came here one, two or many generations ago. I believe that we must continue to offer a “better life” for talented and productive people from around the world. However, our porous borders impact our national security and sovereignty as a nation. Therefore, I support:

1. Enforcing our current laws without apology.  We are a nation of laws.  Therefore, people here illegally who are caught must be sent home, and we must support states such as Arizona which enact legislation mimicking federal law.

2. Building a fence now to curtail the flow of illegal immigration.  Anyone who doesn’t believe we can build an effective fence hasn’t seen us put a man on the moon. Furthermore, it’s the only way to make sure that border control policy doesn’t wax and wane with the changing of our political leadership.

3. Not changing the subject, but stopping the source of the problem. Any discussion beyond building a fence is simply a delay tactic to duck the issue -- “comprehensive immigration reform” is a smoke screen being used to avoid addressing effective border control.  It doesn’t make sense to bail water if the leak is unplugged.

4. Recognizing that illegal immigration is a national security issue and treat it as such. Peoples of all nationalities and with a myriad of motivations are crossing our borders unchecked – some of these individuals may not have the best of intentions!

5. Using the fence to reduce illegal immigration; effectively addressing how to handle those here illegally and how to promote immigration of those who will bring needed talents to America.