I agree with Ronald Reagan’s doctrine of “peace through strength”. Our federal government is charged with ensuring the safety of its citizens, and the best deterrent to hostilities is a strong, well- equipped military. We must remain willing and able to assist our allies in times of trouble as well. And, we must remember, that it’s the American military that is first on the scene to provide help when natural disasters occur anywhere in the world.

To ensure a strong military, we must support and promote our military personnel and our veterans; which includes taking care of their families. Without a shred of doubt, our men and women serving in our armed forces represent the best of our nation and exemplify sacrificial service and leadership. We are at war and these brave Americans give their all to keep us safe and free. Our efforts to support and honor them should always be at the top of our nation’s agenda; they deserve more than the political games and weak leadership under which they now operate.