Jesse Young’s Vision for the 6th District
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Washington’s 6th District can, and should be, a leader in job growth for the nation.

The 6th District has unique strengths which can ensure a bright future for us all . . .

Our Ports & Naval Installations
Our District is surrounded on three sides by deep water ports. This means we’re ideally situated to serve America’s Navy, attract tourism and take advantage of the expanding Pacific Rim economy.

The Port of Grays Harbor in Aberdeen is the closest port to the Pacific Rim shipping lanes – well positioned to send US products to Asia and return dollars to our country. Further, rail lines and a four lane highway make it easy to get our products to the Port. Unfortunately, the EPA is trying to stop a private investor from expanding the third terminal – why? – because it wants to export coal. With our technology and creativity, surely there’s a way to move coal in a way that honors our environment!

Did you know that Port Angeles has two cruise ships scheduled to visit in 2012? All those visitors ready to shop, eat and visit our beautiful Olympic Peninsula can only mean much needed dollars to the local community.

And, of course, we can’t forget our Puget Sound Navy Yard which supports our Navy by maintaining our fleet. With Submarine Base Bangor and Naval Ammunition Depot, Indian Island nearby, our Navy is prepared to protect our homeland, ensure our Pacific region allies feel secure, and keep the sea lanes open. As China, India, and the rest of Asia strengthen their economies, we have a great opportunity to establish a leadership role in supplying goods and services to them. We’ll need to ensure that the sea lanes stay safe for commerce (don’t forget the pirates off the coast of Africa who are impeding commercial and pleasure shipping!).

Further, The Puget Sound Navy Shipyard should be the focal point around which private marine businesses operate. It can be the anchor to a wide variety of ship building, maintenance, and support businesses. We only need some creativity, and most importantly, solid business experience in our elected officials, and we’re ready for fantastic job creation in the marine industry!

Our Natural Resources
In the 6th District, especially on the Olympic Peninsula, there are abundant natural resources – from timber to oil, natural gas, minerals and metals. These resources can provide much needed exports as well as products critical to our lives. Potential exports will return dollars to the United States – dollars that can be used to improve our economy, create jobs, and help pay down our national debt.

Further, extracting our own resources makes us less reliant on other countries to provide energy and materials needed for our high-tech world. It’s a matter of national security - we can’t be held hostage simply because we let ourselves become reliant on another country to provide these goods to us.

The beauty of our District is also a natural resource – one that can’t be over-emphasized. Therefore, we can, and must, engage our resources in a way that honors our land. Imagine – we can lead the world in environmentally-friendly natural resource extraction and allow companies to make a profit at the same time. Let’s be a global leader! Let’s show the world how it can be done!

Our Small Businesses
The seeds for small business growth are already firmly planted in the ground in the 6th District. We have abundant labor, capital ready to invest, and the infrastructure to support our businesses. We just need to unleash the potential of our people to see small business prosper.

The federal government must get out of the way of business creation and growth. Over- burdensome regulations and the high level of uncertainty around taxes, the economy, and our national debt are currently holding businesses back.

I believe the free market works and that it can distinguish us from the rest of the world. The “invisible hand” that incentivizes individuals to better themselves by providing needed and useful goods and services to others was clearly understood by our founding fathers.

As your Congressman, I will: