Thank you for your vote and taking the time to visit my page and engage in the political process.

I've just completed my first full term in the State Legislature and I am happy to report that we had a number of victories this term! It is a true honor to serve as your Representative and I would very much appreciate your support and your vote this coming November, 8th.

Strength and Honor

Strength and Honor are two characteristics that are sorely missing in politics these days. We see it all around us - especially at the national level - and I hope you'll join me to do something about it.

How do we get them back?

I believe that these virtues are best restored by leading with honesty and measurable accountability.

Honesty, when consistently pursued in a way that is transparent and kind, is at the core of how we should honor one another and those we serve.

Accountability is equally important. I learned long ago that you cannot be truly strong unless you're effective at what you do. That is why I always talk about accountability in terms of measureable validation and why demonstrated effectiveness is so important.

Together, these qualities - Strength and Honor - establish a virtuous platform upon which to serve and it is in that fashion that I will endeavor to always lead.

What does this mean practically?

To me, this means that if I want to gain your trust - and keep it - I need to present myself, and my goals, in measureable terms by which you can hold me accountable.

That is exactly what I did two years ago. While seeking my first elected term to office, I made a number of promises to you regarding what I would do if elected. What's more, I made them publically measureable so you would be empowered to judge my performance and better determine if I am the right representative to serve you.

I am happy to report that those promises have been kept!

Promises Kept

Promise Kept #1 - Stopped the toll increases on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Two years ago, I made this a central theme of my candidacy. Like you, I was tired of being told by public officials that nothing could be done. I didn't buy that excuse any more than you did, so I made my pledge to stop the toll increases, and I made it public. As I seek your vote for my second term, I am proud to report that we stopped (and literally reversed) the Transportation Commission's decision to raise our rates this July. We succeeded, and commuters will save nearly 8 million dollars this year alone in real dollars!

Promise Kept #2 - Pass a balanced budget with no new tax increases.

Prudence and fiscal responsibility are core components that we prioritize in our own lives, and they are what we should demand from our government. To that end, I promised that I would work relentlessly to broker a budget that was responsible and did not rely on tax increases or greater debt to balance out. Despite Governor Inslee going back on his word to not try and raise taxes, we fought the good fight, and got this done! And now, our economy, jobs, and our local small businesses are continuing to grow because we stood strong and kept our word.

Promise Kept #3 - Education - Reduced college tuition costs and funded Teacher COLA's (Cost of Living Adjustments).

College costs have been rising for years and I pledged to work to cut those costs when I last sought your vote. My opponent and the Governor stood against these reforms in favor of the bureaucratic push to let colleges continue to raise costs. We fought this battle in the legislature and won the reforms necessary to deliver on this promise.

Another centerpiece of my platform two years ago was the insistence that we finally fund the cost of living adjustments that had been taken from teachers. Unlike my opponent, who voted to take COLAs away, I have been a leading advocate for restoring COLA's - even against members of my own party - and have lead the narrative that teachers shouldn't be used as political chess pieces during elections seasons. I'm proud to share that we not only won this battle, but I also received the WEA's (Washington Education Association's) endorsement as a result of the strength of my advocacy and for honoring my commitment to get this done.

What now...

If you believe that I'll be a trustworthy representative for you, I would be honored to have your vote. Politics aside, I hope that the above demonstrates to you that I am committed to standing for and serving with both strength and honor. If you would like to know more, please feel free to review the rest of this site or reach out to us directly. Let's make a difference together!

Jesse Young



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